Back to School 2020/2021

Hybrid schedules. Along with the other Rutherford County Schools, REaCH will transition to hybrid learning on Tuesday, Sept. 8. As a supplement to the traditional, multi-colored class schedule that students received at the beginning of the semester, they also received a special, hybrid learning schedule in their student email on Aug. 26. To determine which days/times they should be on campus, students should reference the multi-colored schedule for college course meeting times (pink blocks) and the special hybrid learning schedule for their high school meeting times. For distance learning (orange blocks on the multi-colored schedule), our distance learning advisor will continue to provide guidance to students as to their required weekly virtual check-ins and any other meeting times. Please see the infographic below to help determine when to be on campus.


Transportation. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays the regular door-to-door bus routes will run, with students picked up/dropped off at home and transferred to/from the REaCH shuttle bus at their community's traditional high school. On Wednesdays when the traditional high schools will be closed for cleaning and their buses won't be running, REaCH community bus stops will be in use (the community bus stop list will be emailed to students). Hybrid learners who are bus riders or who need to be on campus before and/or after their face-to-face classes may go to the supervised Seminar area and work on school work when not in face-to-face classes.


Lunches. Lunch will be available for students who are on-campus during the lunch period. Hybrid learners who will be on campus during lunch and would like a school lunch should request a lunch by 9:00 a.m. daily using the online lunch request form provided to REaCH students. Students may also bring their own lunch.


Please contact the REaCH office at (828)395-4190 with any questions. Rutherford County Schools Back to School 2020 information may be found here.