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Graduation Projects

REaCH 2017 Graduation Project Sites

Savannah Bell

Joah Bickley

Daphne Bickley

Brandon Bigerstaff

Libby Bradley

Joshua Chapman

Amy Collins

Heather Darrow

Shakyra Davis

Zach  Davis 

Jeremiah Earls

Gissell Escalera

Wyatt Frazer-Somoza

Dominic Gardella

Amtillah Ghaleb

Jessica Hensley

Kellan Jones

Byers  Jordyn 

Gabrielle Lanius

Destiny Ledford

Shynia Oaks 

Jared Rawlins

Tyler Sargent

Angela Sayre

Heather Shytle

Alexis Sparrow

Samantha Steed

Sarah Thurman

Emily Williams

Madalyn Wright

Pediatric Medicine

Electrical Engineering

Viola Performance and Pedagogy


Speech and Communication in Children

Computer Science

Athletic Training


Anxiety Disorders

Financial Advising 

Elementary Education


Industrial Engineering

Creative Writing as a Business

Dental Hygiene 

Dental Hygiene

Voter Bias

Animal Science 


Attorney at Law

Veterinarian Medicine

Business Management

Electrical Engineering 

Integrated Equine Medicine


The Long-Term Effects of Child Trauma


Rutherford County Media

The Importance of Early Art Education

Effects of Radiation on Human Body


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